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Your Dry January Guide to Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Throughout the month of January over 6.5million people are planning to abstain from alcohol as part of Dry January.

Many people will be using willpower, turning to healthy, homemade concoctions or raising money for charities through sponsorship such as Alcohol Change UK.

So with that in mind we wondered, well what do order if not a pint of beer, glass of wine or gin and tonic?! Water… Coke… Orange? Have no fear, we caught up with Andy Lock who is the General Manager at the Virgins & Castle explained:


Of course as a great local, long-standing pub, we’ve got a large selection of beers, wines and spirits. During Dry January we’ll be pointing to our Temperance Bar. This is our selection of non-alcoholic drinks that can be enjoyed in the garden, relaxing in a snug or along with a delicious pub meal. Here are my top 10 favourites:

Seedlip - A great gin & tonic

Seedlip have two great gins - an Aromatic and a Spiced and both go really well with a Fever Tree Tonic. This is a really popular non-alcoholic gin & tonic that we serve and it’s a brand that we’re starting to see more and more of in the supermarkets and health shops.

Belle & Co Sparkling Wine

When you want to treat yourself, or perhaps raise a glass to toast a celebration, this sparkling wine is a great choice. We often serve this sparkling wine in our events business Caviar & Chips Catering for weddings and events. It’s made with a green tea as well as grape, it’s vegan and low in calories, so ticks lots of boxes!

Heineken 0%

When you just want a bottle of beer, Heineken 0% is a popular choice for our guests who might be driving or just want to avoid a headache the next day! Same great Heineken taste but without the alcohol and one to enjoy in the beer garden.

Old Mout Berries & Cherries

On to the ciders and Old Mout are known for their range of fruit flavoured ciders. The Berries and Cherries variety is as you can imagine fruity and sweet and with a gentle sparkle that all great ciders have. These are really easy and refreshing to drink and again another perfect choice for an evening in the beer garden.

Mother Root

Now to go a little more unusual and hark back to old American recipes of Ginger Switchel. Mother Root is a new brand that has been developed in the UK and comes in a really cool almost medicine-looking bottle. It has a fiery ginger kick and goes great with orange, ice and soda. Would go really nicely with a pub meal and after-dinner drink

Double Espresso

It goes without saying that a great coffee has to be in this list. For me making sure we served a freshly ground, locally sourced coffee was really important. Start the day with a breakfast, coffee and paper in the pub and your on to a winner. We use Monsoon Coffee from Warwickshire and a Double Espresso is one of my favourites.

Loose Leaf English Breakfast Tea

You can’t mention coffee without mentioning tea and again this makes the list because it’s locally sourced (again from Warwickshire) and chosen because of it’s distinct flavour. We use Golden Monkey Tea Co for all of our teas and whichever you choose they’re such good, quality teas that they’re a pleasure to enjoy on their own relaxing in one of our snugs.

No 1 Living Kombucha

A brand developed by ex-England Rugby World Cup winner, Johnny Wilkinson, Kombucha is probably associated more as a health drink, but for me this makes a great alternative to a coke, lemonade or fizzy orange. Organic, made with real fruit and botanicals and with living culture, this drink is not only good for you but tastes great too!

Belvoir Elderflower Presse

A quintessentially English drink that is perfect to enjoy on a afternoon with Sunday roast. Also makes a lovely alternative to a glass of wine during a meal and is light and refreshing.

Virgin Mary Cocktail

I have to finish on what would be considered our signature mocktail - if we had one! Tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, ground pepper, a dash of Tabasco and celery to garnish. It will give you a boost of energy, enjoy over a lunch and generally just feel good about yourself!

So there’s my top 10 favourite non-alcoholic drinks to hopefully help you make the most of Dry January and thanks in advance to everyone who will be out supporting their local pubs, restaurants and cafes.

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