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Step into Christmas at the Virgins & Castle

If you’ve stepped into the Virgins & Castle in recent days, you will have noticed that we’ve gone full on festive with decorations all around our lovely 16th century pub. We just couldn’t resist and we worked with the wonderful, Gwen at Adore Flowers Warwickshire to transform the oldest pub in Kenilworth into a magical, festive haven ready for the Christmas season. We love this time of year, the festive season calls for friends and family coming together, feasting on warm, hearty dishes and enjoying our favourite tipples!

Adore Flowers Warwickshire decorated our lovely pub last Christmas, but of course, due to lockdown, we didn’t get a chance to use it and show it off to our guests - so we were even more excited for this festive season and wanted to go all out.

Come inside, stay warm and get festive…

We’ve chatted to the amazing Gwen, owner of Adore Flowers Warwickshire to talk about all things flowers, Christmas decorations and the festive season at the oldest pub in Kenilworth.

1. What colour palette have you gone for this year?

I selected a very traditional and festive colour palette for the Virgins & Castle this year. The floral designs and decorations around the pub are full of rich reds, lovely greens and crisp whites. I just love the traditional Christmas colour palette and as soon as you walk into the oldest pub in Kenilworth, you’ll definitely know it’s Christmas time! The contrast of these three colours work beautifully together and of course instantly remind you of Christmas.

I wanted the pub to look festive and Christmassy, but also real, natural and gorgeous - nothing too “in-your-face”. I’ve dressed the beautiful wooden staircase in the middle of the pub with stunning, foliage style decorations and twinkling lights. It makes a great centre-piece next to the bar and restaurant area and I think staircases are perfect for trailing foliage down the bannister.

2. What inspired you when deciding on the festive floral designs and decorations for the pub?

The Virgins & Castle itself was my inspiration! It’s a beautiful old pub with so many stunning and unique features, spaces and cosy snugs of course. For example, the wooden bannisters were just calling out for a double sided garland, and stunning twinkling lights.

The Virgins & Castle lends itself beautifully to Christmas, and as soon as I walked into the pub in August I knew exactly what I would do and how I would decorate the space. The Virgins & Castle has lots of nooks and crannies full of charm and character, which are the perfect places to decorate and make all festive and warm! There’s a beautiful lantern in the pub too, and I just instantly knew it would look beautiful dressed with ivy, twigs and berries. All the lovely ivy I’ve used to decorate the pub is artificial, so it lasts the season, but you wouldn’t know it!

I used to decorate pubs a lot and would have nine pubs to decorate every year - which is something I love doing! But I generally get inspired by the spaces and features of the place I’m decorating. I always look for ways to enhance the wonderful original features - which is exactly what I did for the Virgins & Castle this Christmas.

3. What part do you enjoy doing most when decorating the pub?

I don’t really have a favourite part, but I just really love doing it! I could do it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I love creating an atmosphere and making spaces look beautiful with flowers and foliage. When I was decorating the pub, I did really enjoy dressing one of the snugs that has a bright and bold red wall, a stunning black fireplace and framed pictures on the wall. The contrast of black and red already work beautifully together, but combining these already gorgeous features with red, green and white festive decorations makes this space feel so warm, inviting and Christmassy!

4. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Christmas is just so lovely and sparkly! I love the excitement, and the build up to Christmas. It’s a great time of the year for friends and family to get together and enjoy the festive period together.

5. What’s your favourite dish on the new festive menu at the Virgins & Castle?

It's such a hard choice, but my first thought was the Garlic & Chilli Squid. I was at the Virgins & Castle the other day with my friend and we ordered the Fisherman’s Board, Truffle & Parmesan Skinny Fries (both were delicious), and a lovely glass of Pinot!

We hope this blog has made you feel all warm and festive - but if not, discover our new Christmas menu full of delicious, warm and hearty food and drink for you to enjoy this festive season. Book your table at the oldest pub in Kenilworth today.

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