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The first recorded mention of The Famous Virgins and Castle dates back to 1563 when it was called the Two Virgins Inn. The records show that it was then the host to the ‘Court of the Castle Manor’ which was around the same time as when the castle was granted to Lord Robert Dudley, a good friend of Queen Elizabeth.

No doubt, the locals would then have seen the lavish celebrations held when the Queen came to visit- a historical past which we are keen to recapture.

Whilst The Famous Virgins & Castle was of obvious importance to the community, the next recorded reference of the pub is in 1777. This was when the Kenilworth Association was formed and the members met at the pub, now called the Sign of the Two Virgins.

The age of these buildings make it appear that this is the original settlement, but in fact this is simply the oldest existing part of the town.

After a period of disuse, the pub is next mentioned in 1828, when it merged with the Castle Tavern, and was listed in the directory of town pubs as The Virgins & Castle.


Today the Famous Virgins & Castle is set to resume its important role in the community as one of the areas most popular meeting places. 



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