We're famous for a lot of things and one that we're particularly proud of is our food.  Our chefs create our menus using fresh ingredients sourced form local suppliers and prepared in our kitchen on a daily basis.

We thought we'd share a few things that are important to us about our menus and we hope this gives you a little extra insight and piece of mind when you're enjoying your meal with us.

The Virgins & Castle re-opens
We're really excited to be re-opeing our doors on Saturday 4th July and will be intrioducing a new breakfast and Lundh menu for you to enjoy at your favourite local.  As with all of our menus you can enjoy freshly prepared dishes from the kitchen and there's a great variety to choose from.  Book your table today and have a look at our menus to whet your appetite.
Sourcing local, fresh ingredients

Our chefs seek and taste the best ingredients for all of our menus and we're proud to work with suppliers in and around Kenilworth and Warwickshire.  We're really lucky to have some fantastic produce right on our door-step and so whenever we can, we buy local.

Sunday Roast
Sunday Roast

We're famous for our Sunday roast at the Virgins & Castle.  Not only because it's delicious, filling and prepared with fresh ingredients, but because it changes from week to week.

Our chefs prepare all of our menus fresh in the kitchen and because we source locally, using seasonal produce, always like to cook using the best ingredients.  In the winter you'll find comforting and hearty root vegetables and in the summer months we'll take advantage of produce like asparagus and green beans. Check out our menus for some example menus to whet your appetite and make sure you book early!

Vegan & Vegetarian Menus 
We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy great pub food in the Virgins & Castle and so we put just as much time and effort into producing delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes as we do any of our other menus.  
You'll find a variety of snacks you can enjoy at the bar with a drink, or take a seat in our dining area and choose a delicious three-course menu with over 16 dishes to choose from - you'll be spoilt for choice!


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