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Everards Brewery

We’re really proud of our partnership with Everards Brewery, an independent family business with over 170 pubs across the Midlands.  

Together we share the same values for our customers, our team and our suppliers and the quality of our drinks plays a key role in this.  Everards produce a great range of ales central to our bar offer and serving them in a beautiful setting in the heart of Kenilworth makes The Virgins & Castle a special place. 

Our Wines

All of our wines are carefully selected and thoroughly researched with hours and hours (and hours) of tasting.  


It was a tough job for someone, but we think they did an incredible job and we hope you enjoy a glass or two - sometimes better to buy a bottle!


Whether you’re dining in the restaurant and choosing from our food menu, or relaxing in the snug; take your time and pour over our wines and enjoy doing a little research yourself.


We’d love to hear what you think and we often invite our wine merchants in to deliver tastings and samples, so make sure you’re following us on social media or subscribed to our newsletter to hear how you can get involved.

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Our Temperance Bar
You’ll find a great selection of low and non-alcoholic drinks in our Temperance Bar.  From traditional soft drinks and cordials to kombucha and no-alcohol gins.  Of course there’s also our filtered water on tap with donations going to WaterAid.
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Our Tea & Coffee

Where we can, we like to support local businesses and source our ingredients and products from in and around Warwickshire. With our tea and coffee, we have two great examples of local suppliers creating quality products that we’re proud to serve at The Virgins & Castle and we really hope you enjoy them.


Our Tea

From the Golden Monkey Tea Company in Warwick, our tea is provided by a unique and independent business that sells over 120 different teas.  We wanted to find a local tea supplier that could provide a wide variety of loose leaf teas and ensure that every cup we served was as refreshing and comforting as the place it was served in.


Our Coffee

Sourced from Monsoon Estates Coffee Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon, this award-winning company makes an exceptional coffee.  Our team have been trained by expert baristas in how to make the perfect cup using the perfect blend of carefully roasted beans.  Whether you like the strength of a double espresso or the nutty flavour of a smooth Americano, with coffee like this on our door-step we didn’t need to look far.

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Our Water

We don’t charge for water…that keeps things nice and simple! But let us tell you a little bit more why we think this is important. 


We use filtered water, served on tap to retain essential minerals and serve you great tasting, chilled drink.  


We also want to do what we can to help the environment and reduce waste, so we don’t sell plastic or bottles of water at the bar.


Furthermore we’re raising vital funds for WaterAid, which is a fantastic charity that helps some of the poorest communities across the world have access to clean drinking water. Almost 800 million people can’t enjoy a safe, clean drink of water and we don’t think that is acceptable.


We’d appreciate you joining us to help raise money for WaterAid and those people who could then enjoy something we take for granted with a small donation - we’d suggest £1.00, but whatever you can is greatly appreciated

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Our Gins

With such a huge range of gins from around the world to choose from, this was certainly one of the hardest menus to put together.  We’re pretty pleased with this selection and with 38 different gins to choose from, we hope you find something you enjoy.


Much like ourselves, Gin has a rich history and dates back to earliest references in the 13th century.  It’s a drink that has evolved over the centuries and became popularised by soldiers taking a sip of “Dutch courage” in the 16th century during the 80 Years War.


Being a fairly easy and cheap spirit to make, Gin drinking rose significantly in England in the early 18th century with over half of the drinking establishments in London being a gin shop.


Today, there are over 350 gin distilleries in England and it’s an industry that has tripled in the last five years and continues to grow and develop.


We love discovering new drinks, recipes and mixes, so please do share your discoveries and stories and we might be able to add one or two to future menus.

Our Cocktails

Introducing our brand new cocktail menu... 

We've crafted a range of 13 different cocktails, so whatever your tipple we'll have the right cocktail for you. 

Coffee lover? Why not try our famous Espresso Martini. Looking for a classic cocktail? You can't go wrong with our Old Fashioned garnished with a twist of orange.


Every great pub has a great range of drinks for every occasion.  Whether you're popping in for a quiet pint, catching up with friends, or celebrating something wonderful; we have a great selection of beers, ales, wines and non-alcoholic drinks....whatever your tipple!​

We're really proud of our drink partnerships from Everards our house brewers to Monsoon our local coffee suppliers and we thought we'd share a few reasons why we think you'll love them too!

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